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31 December 2013 @ 05:42 pm
Before applying make sure you have read the rules and other information posted.


1. Your Name (or somthing we can call you):
2. Your Age:
3. Your Time Zone:
4. For simple clarifications sake are you male or female (you’d be surprised how often “Alex” is confused):
6. Any rp expeience?:

Your charecter:
1. Character's Name:
2. Character's Journal Name:
3. Character's msn or Aim:
4. Character's Gender:
6. Picture/Link to Picture/discription:
7. Character's Age:
8. Classification of Status/magic type (ie. Innocent/Gray Mage):
9. If a Demonglow: Stage
10. Brief history of character (Life before magic, how they found out about it, coven history ect.):
11. Brief personality description
12. A short (about 500 words) scene of your charecter doing somthing and a first entry to your journal. (Both can be posted in your journal)
13. Do you understand that you CAN be rejected?
31 December 2013 @ 04:47 pm
The Legend of TwilightCollapse )

The balance between a human soul and the powerful nature of magic, of anykind, is a fragile one at best. In the case of those with dark magic it's one that is quickly, irevokably, dystroyed.
Sometime between the ages of 13 and 17 when the magical abilities begin to truly manifest themselves, a person with dark magic will experience the first signs of a transformation that will ultimatly end with them loosing their minds and mutating into a demon more deadly than any vampire. Named partially for the first telltale sign, the eyes turning a pale blue color and glowing in the dark, those in the stages between human and demon have come to be known as Demonglow. The Serathian Order has long taken to the habit of seeking out those who suffer from Demonglow and sending them to what is known as "Falling Covens" to live, fight, and be killed before they change.
For although the process can take anywhere between a few weeks to nearly a decade depending on the will of the Demonglow one thing is certain. The change cannot be resisted indefinatly. The life of a Demonglow is short and brutal.

Stages of a DemonglowCollapse )

Demonglow Demonic FormCollapse )